Latest Celtic news: why “Boston” is obliged to arrange a total sale of their talents

An excessive number of talented players in the roster of the NBA club may indeed be a problem, which is evidence of the Boston Celtics. Last season, the team finished the regular season with 55 wins and stopped a step away from knocking out LeBron James from the Eastern Conference playoff series. “Celtics” suffered the same fate as other rivals James for almost ten years in a row. Nevertheless, the prospects of “Celtics” for the new season were rated very high. The star Gordon Hayward and Kairi Irving returned, and the promising newcomer Robert Williams was also added. LeBron left the East. It could be assumed that the Celtics would become the real dominant force in the conference, but this is not the case.

Boston is located in fifth place in the standings, and the team keeps afloat, mainly due to home games. At the exit, the Celtics have a negative balance of 11–13 and rank seventh in this indicator at the conference level. Observers of the bleacherreport site believe that “Boston” is very necessary to exchange most of its players, who are considered young talents, for established stars. Of course, Celtics is objectively a very good team. But something is holding them back. Before the start of the season, they were predicted for 60 wins, but for now it’s not a fact that they will even get to 50. So what’s the problem?

Defender Terry Rosier offered a more than concise answer to this question: “Too talented team.” Probably all is not so simple. Gordon Hayward is taking shape more slowly than expected, and Jaylen Brown took an unexpected step back. The attack receives almost nothing from the free-throw line (28th place in the number of attempts). The defense is statistically strong, but sometimes players like Jamal Murray (48 points), James Harden (45), Kemba Walker (43) and Devin Booker (38) destroyed it alone. “Boston” is still not a very good pick-up team (16th place in the NBA). Frustration has also played a significant role this season. Irving said that his auxiliary ensemble lacks experience and character. Al Horford has already criticized the efforts of his teammates. Head coach Brad Stevens questioned the strength of the team, which has always been considered one of the strongest sides of the “Celtics”. Periodically, there were reports of problems in the locker room.

This does not mean that the roster has major flaws or that current problems cannot be corrected with time. But given the apparent failure of the season for the “Celtics”, is it not worth solving all the problems at the expense of exchange deals that will raise the overall ceiling of the team’s opportunities? Ken Berger of the Bleacher Report called Boston “one of the most interested teams” in the fight for the Washington Wizards defender Bradley Beale. One of the NBA functionaries expressed the opinion that the package from Jaylen Brown, the peak of the first round and Marcus Morris or Aaron Baines is quite enough to barter Beel.

The acquisition of the Celtics of another high-class scorer in the person of Beal will immediately make the team better in attack. Biel’s assertiveness should help regulate Boston’s instability in this aspect. Celtics may also try to build a package around Rosier for centering Orlando Magic Nikol Vuchevich, who shows the best basketball in his career and should not be too expensive given the expiring contract. Vuchevich is not expected to repeat statistics, as in “Orlando”. But his current numbers will certainly allow him to become the best picker in “Boston” (12.0 rebounds per game), the second best scorer (20.7 points) and the third best raspasovshchik (3.8 gears). The Celtics always needed a strong picker. They would also not be prevented by an extra bigman with a throw in addition to Al Horford. Vuchevich’s accuracy from behind the arc is 37.7%.

Rosyra can also be sent to Utah Jazz. Derrick Favors, whose contract for the 2019/20 season is not guaranteed, is essentially the best version of what Williams can become. Favorite acquisition would be an upgrade to overall offensive efficiency and a useful asset in defense under the ring. Even if the Celtics get rid of several young talents, they will have an elite level rotation. But with an eye on the playoffs, the team will pick up a really accomplished and quite experienced composition. Boston is not lacking anything in any position. Healthy Irving, Horford and Hayward have everything they need to live up to their expectations. Maybe the team should unload some of its assets? Maybe the Celtics have too many good players.

Expectations from “Boston” are incredibly high, because this composition is really considered excellent. Redrawing it now, when the market value of Brown, Hayward and Rosier may be at a record low, is risky, but waiting for an improvement from these performers is also not the best option, which is not a fact that will come true Can the general manager of Dania Andzh arrange a purge: of course. In the end, the NBA deadline is approaching. Aine knows that he has a lot of assets. He is also well aware of the fact that now Anthony Davis cannot be exchanged without getting rid of Kairi Irving because of the so-called “Rose rule”. Perhaps Agee should acquire much more easily accessible targets in the person of Beal or Vuchevich. Or at least slightly change the rotation and acquire a sniper like Wayne Ellington, as well as those who pick up like Robin Lopez or Enes Kanter. Celtics is not exactly the team, which they should be. Ainge has to decide what moves to make to correct the situation.

“Boston” can forget about the NBA Finals?

No one said that the Boston Celtics was waiting for the easy way to become an elite NBA team. It was expected that the “Boston” may fail during the regular season 2018/19, but the team too often disappointed their fans, which led to the current balance of 25-18. Observers at nbcsports believe that the Boston Celtics are not ready to tackle the high challenges of this season, despite high expectations. The Celtics officially passed the first half of the season. There is an ever more convincing feeling that they will approach the decisive matches of the absolute unprepared. This has nothing to do with the pre-season expectations of a talented set of players who are not performing at the right level.

Kairi Irving is a very talented star trying to find the right way to lead one of the best potential teams in the NBA. Kairi got the coveted role he had never had before. The players, whom he blames for lack of character, are still very young for greatness and the fight for the title. Because of this youth, they do not always play with a heightened spirit, although the team has a number of proven veterans. However, two things must improve: the leadership qualities of Irving and the efforts of the Celtics youth, who are obliged to play with more perseverance and more stable. While there are reasonable doubts that this team is able to go beyond the first round of the playoffs, not to mention getting into the NBA finals.

Irving did not hold back, making one of the most resonant statements since the transition to the Celtics after the recent defeat of the Orlando Magic (103: 105). In this game, Irving was concerned about many things, including the decision taken by Gordon Hayward not to give him the ball in the final seconds. The essence of the message Irving was that, although he was patient with his teammates, the number of unsuccessful games reached a critical point. Kairi wanted young players to work harder on long stretches and be smarter in making decisions during matches. There are some fans (maybe even a few Boston players) who might think that Irving’s words were harsh, but he is the best player in the team and a recognized leader. This is recognized by the players, coaches and Irving himself.

Leadership involves a certain level of responsibility. It is necessary not only to praise partners when they succeed, but also to seek improvements when they do not. This is a difficult balance for any player and even more difficult for someone who first becomes the best player in a team that is filled with so many talents. Brooklyn is no longer a notebook outsider, as they used to see in recent years. This is a team that can create problems for “Boston” and any other strong rivals. Nets are constantly playing hard, which is the last quality that unstable teams like Celtics want to face. Irving did not play against Brooklyn because of a quadriceps injury. Marcus Smart also missed the game, as he was sent back to the hotel due to illness.

Terry Rosier was called upon to replace the big gap in the back line. He played well as a starter, although he was unstable when leaving the bench. Rosir will not get a chance to go out in the starting five, while Kairi Irving stands for “Boston” in which, as he has already said, he wants to stay for many years. Therefore, in the game Rosier was not particularly brilliant in the match against the “Nets” even in connection with the release at the start, he scored only 7 points. It’s great that the Celtics have such depth when the multiple participant of the Irish Stars Game can miss the game, and the team still has a guy like Rosir who can be contacted as a safety net. But, as practice shows, the presence of many talented players does not mean that the path to success will be smooth.

Boston (25-18) now has a series of three defeats – all away. The Celtics have lost their 13th away game of the season, which is equal to their total number of defeats on another site for the entire last season. Boston played without Kairi Irving (quadriceps injury) and Marcus Smart (illness), but their absence had little to do with what happened in Brooklyn. “Nets” played harder, smarter and harder worked, using their main force – three-point shots. Meanwhile, the Celtics continue to play as a team that is looking not so much for its identity, but for a way to win. There are so many common problems that haunt this team and they are all clearly visible. For example, failure when trying to prevent an opponent from hammering out paint, a large number of open shots without resistance from opponents, and a lack of desire and character when things go wrong. Perhaps the latter is the most serious problem.